Exceptional Mosaic Artwork

Serving Clients for More Than 20 Years


Teresa Sullivan began making mosaics more than 20 years ago after a pivotal trip to Tunisia in 1997.  There she walked among the ruins of the Roman Empire and glimpsed the possibilities of this most ancient art form. So began her journey- learning this 5,000 year-old skill.  She studies with teachers throughout Italy, Mexico and the United States.


What I Offer

Some of the artwork on this site is for sale or clients can commission one-of-a-kind mosaic art. Especially in places like Florida, many individuals and companies are turning to mosaics for “permanent art” that adds beauty and class — both indoors and outdoors. In short, the possibilities are endless.

What is Mosaic Art?

A mosaic is an image that is made up of hundreds or thousands of individually cut pieces (often glass, stone or ceramic) that the artist arranges in a pattern. The earliest mosaics were found in Mesopotamia in 3,000 BCE. The Mayan civilization created mosaics in the Americas dating at least 250 CE.

Connect With Me

If you are interested in my services, reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.