Get to Know Teresa Sullivan, Founder and Artist

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Teresa Sullivan

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”   Aristotle

All of nature is made up of composite parts – from subatomic particles to the universe.  Mosaics are the quintessence of that thought and it is the reason that I seek to explore my universe (real and imagined) through bringing discrete pieces together to form a new idea.

My exploration has led me to integrate materials – both natural and handmade – into complex patterns that often emerge from nowhere.  The andamento can lead me in different directions than I had planned, but I have learned to trust my hands, my materials and my heart — and to listen. 

I notice in some of my work, I keep coming back to circular movement that depicts the flow of life, without the hard edges.  Circular movement has no beginning and has no end. For as long as I can remember I have absorbed the mythology of the world – marveling in the commonality of stories – across time, across cultures, across geography; myths of heroes who break free and soar, rebirth, and the eternal.